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The Korea Documents, Segment 4

As per usual, here’s a link to a Chinese nesting doll of the previous chapters: https://themindisaterriblethingofwaste.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/the-korea-documents-segment-3/ …   I am not handsome. I am a fraud. A smelly fraud. I haven’t showered in three days, a fact verified by the stench that escapes from the opening at the bottom of my hospital gown, something that … Continue reading

Humans and Dogs, Animals and Beings, Me and Coetzee

“In my account […] the life cycle of the frog may sound allegorical, but to the frogs themselves it is no allegory, it is the thing itself, the only thing. […] They exist whether or not I tell you about them, whether or not I believe in them.” J.M. Coetzee, Elizabeth Costello Had a couple … Continue reading