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Hemingway’s Attempt

Had a friend who says interesting things say something interesting to me recently. The interesting thing concerned writing, purpose, those who truly go after the evasive metaphysical “it” and those who don’t but are still good at stringing together sentences in clever ways and making a less monumental impact on thought. Hemingway was mentioned, and … Continue reading

Mulligans and American Myth

Been listening to Bruce Springsteen lately and thinking about different American myths. There’s this one prevailing myth (and it’s not a bad one) that when this life ends, we’ll receive a second. And I don’t mean heaven or paradise in any typical Western theistic sense of the word. Heaven for Americans would take place here … Continue reading

Cape Fearful

Here’s a tearjerker for pensive white males of trivial adversities in their mid-twenties who are about to make life-changing decisions that will alter the thus-far rather linear trajectory of their narrative arcs but won’t necessarily bring a premature plunge to those arcs should they fail because these pensive white males have pencils with wedge cap … Continue reading