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Sponsored by Prozac, Xanax, Klonopin

I’d like everyone to give a warm welcome to
My mind
Has been on an indebting vacation for some time
Two and a half calendar years
Which is
(M- God dear)
Half a televisual century in mind years
After considering the exorbitancy
Of foreign exchange rates.
I have worked in a pharmacy (
Among other accolades
) Have traveled
Out of this world
To the white tapestry forever unraveled
Of — I don’t even recall —
Some kind of purg-ed
Land of controlled hallucinogenic ecstasies;
Sounds colorful
But I promise
(Hoped to die on the cross of my heart)
It isn’t.
I smile with tombstone teeth
Because I began this poem with
The scheming intention of rhyme
But allowed my mind to wander
Since it hasn’t been brave in so long.
By the lamplight
Without which I’ve grown
The warmth spreads like lightning
Or like veins
Or like tributaries newly flooded
(The analogy is things that branch but don’t break)
To a suspension of unmarked depths
And brackish surfaces.



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