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Concrete Sky


You promised to be faithful as the sun,

To stray at day’s end only to return.

But God knows who you smile upon

In the other parts of this Godforsaken world.


And if you’d tell me please why

You’re never around here when I am dreaming

Or in that time when the sheep 

Give their last sacrificial bleat.


You couldn’t pick the air or the hound or a whore

To serve your loving metaphor.

You talk of transparency, clearly

Your policy is that of an open door.


Notice I’m in a jamb where 

A sheet of glass might be the open air and

I’m not quite sure if I’m making a stand

Or if I am just standing there.


You promised to be faithful as the sun

Which now sets slowly in a concrete sky,

Leaving the buildings and parks and pedestrians,

Gray impressions on my mind.


And the point of that age is 

Learning to love someone you live away with,

Who you know just won’t stay,

But you love day to day to night.


Now here I am all marooned on the moon

Whose big cartoonish laugh I can’t see

As I pick at follicles, knowing that baldness

Will one day — alone — set me free.


Well at least from up here it no longer rains,

‘Cept for my fertile tears, which fall toward the Earth in vain.



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