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Ecuador Diaries: Tiny Dancer

The club scene in Quito is an absolute anthropological experiment. Constants are as follows: the bars and discothèques occupying essentially every façade in the vicinity of Plaza del Foch (the tourist plaza); the club promoters (male) who stand outside each establishment, aggressively recruiting gringos with business cards, promises of 2 for 1 drink specials, and … Continue reading

Ecuador Diaries: A Touchy Conversation

An American, an Ecuadorian, and a Canadian walk into a bar. They enter in the company of others, a celebration of the Ecuadorian’s departure for new adventures in a foreign land, but it is these three who engage in conversation. The bar is more like a restaurant — an imitation of an American wing-tossing, nacho-stacking, … Continue reading

Ecuador Diaries: Cirque de Parque

Even on a sunny day the clouds Are Quito’s gray ceiling Whether polluted or intemperate, Woven yet broken like so much Of the city’s public property, the park Is puddled in leaking sunlight; In one sun puddle stands The performer at the bottom Of a grassy pit, the fringes lined With laborers cum spectators, smiles … Continue reading

Ecuador Diaries: Quito By HoboTruck

Rarely does one get to look headlights directly in the eyes, vision tunneled and free from reflective surfaces, engaging them in a staring contest. And don’t dismiss headlights as infallible, simply because they are the eyes of a machine. They blink. At speed bumps, in potholes, perhaps under the tutelage of an enraged driver who … Continue reading

What I See When I Open My Eyes

What I see when I open my eyes, returning to consciousness from a nap in my recliner, releasing the coattails of my dreams with an infant’s hesitancy: two pairs of shoes, leisure, parting in the acute angle of standing position as if two ghosts just stepped out of them and seamlessly crossed paths, stumbling into … Continue reading