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The ABCs Of My Love Life So Far, Age 24

i loved you in life,

a, like personalities

held in a box, captivated

hands in church unable

to find steeple,

or apex, though

i did find synonyms

in books, letters

i wrote a

book to you from us,

the writers, a single

spine did not bend,

perhaps in june it may


be, sure i loved you,

not too, much is left

out in public, your right

hand to my chest, feel my heart be

at odds with our united states

as i pledged allegiance,

too, another country

that started with a

sense of abandonment

ended in escape, desire

to be on boats, not roads

just as men

without countries can


see who they wish, for

the ones still, stuck in a

line the streets like icing,

sculptures of tiers that will melt

like babbling brooks

into a sea, change course for

placid waters reflective

of the marooned moon,

translucent, strenuous to see,

aspiring to be, a

sickle or boomerang

that cuts through the air only

to return just beside its origin



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