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Death and a Funeral (Part 1 of 2)

“Aww, shit,” were his last words, incapable of becoming famous, as they were whispered only to himself when his knees buckled on the ledge and the belly he had been trying to lose for the past few months tipped him forward, plunging him past the first story. The first story was where he managed an … Continue reading

Some Kind Of Short Fiction

I didn’t feel like sipping straight bourbon. Sunday was a day for rest, for penance. Regeneration rather than degeneration. Straight bourbon seemed sacrilegious. I poured Coke from a gargling can into a glass of ice cubes that was about half filled with bourbon, the cubes having made peace with the tranquil liquor until the Coke … Continue reading

Childhood Bedroom Blues

  Saturday and I don’t belong Time is short and my shadow’s way too long In this room where I once lay sprawled Staring right at the window like a wall, Through muffled calls.   But this time is the last time I come in looking first. But this time is like last time, only … Continue reading

In Case You’re Wondering…

…What I’ve been doing, I’ve been singing Frank Ocean tunes with the gay dishwasher in the Red Lobster dish room.