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You Live In A Glass Box

You live in a glass box, Cubed, like a still die That’s never been cast. You move But only on the surface, Do not roll or tumble. Mime well, enough to draw — In range — wandering eyes. I put out my hand And touch glass. Ice? Glass. Because it never melts, The glass is … Continue reading

Visiting Hours Are Over

I visited the hospital today at the library. A ward of ideas, bound, compartmentalized, sharing space for the same idealistic goal, some dying as they moan diatribes to themselves or student nurses who nod in feigned understanding to the music in their earbuds. Some are dying to be heard, others are long past dead, the … Continue reading

That’s Not The Regret

stop sign encounter two cars cross intersections by baptist church four eyes cross [cross out] intersect at a point of focus (.) one pair left one pair right rack focus to paired bodies supple (or is it supplicate?) hips move .                    back .       … Continue reading

T.R.E.A.T.S. #14 – Drive-By Smiles