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“Jesus Christ, the movies:” Acting Vs. Observing in Percy’s “Lancelot”

In the midst of a pill-induced high, preparing for an apocalyptic act of vengeance that could destroy himself and everyone within the Belle Isle milieu, Lancelot Lamar makes a simple, laconic statement about the effectiveness of the pill: “The drug was acting” (Percy 208). Lance, of course, is explicitly stating that the drug he ingested … Continue reading

Survey Says?

I am a shallow ass hole, incapable of ingesting any sizable suppository of wisdom or rational thought.


I’ve decided (subject to change) that we spend the majority of our lives trying to protect ourselves — not the piqued, visceral caution of a lioness sensing immediate danger; rather, chess-like premeditation, total obsession with keeping those false kings and queens that reside in our heads from sliding off of the board into irrelevance, where … Continue reading

Book Review – “Generation X” by Douglas Coupland

(From the archives of My Documents) The alphabet might be running out of letters for American civilization since Douglas Coupland popularized the phrase “Generation X” in his 1991 novel of the same name to describe the information-laden, status-obsessed culture of post-war adult children. The conclusion of the Generation alphabet offers an eschatological prediction for the … Continue reading

The Korea Documents, Segment 1

Tuesday morning on the Daegu subway, and the passengers all sit slumped in their respective temporary seats, eyes closed and heads bowed, like opium addicts lost in their nods – consciousness oscillating between a dream world and the present world without any kind of discernment or curiosity about which one might be real. Jaws fall … Continue reading

T.R.E.A.T.S. #13 – Affected Country Display

  Everyone’s talkin, but no one has nothin to say Talkin like hot air will blow all the specters away Boredom can syphon a year to a day   Funnel clouds form from the cold breath of ghosts who remain Draining the guilt down from heaven into Southern states Rob ‘em of life, they’ll continue … Continue reading