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I Really Do Sleep A Lot These Days

12:30 and i thought about you,

tears bleeding

into the t-shirt fabric,

desperate to


the wound;


you                             me

.           be(d)side

tears dribble onto the pillow,

warm as urine.

i haven’t wet the bed in…

so long.

poetry the only pacifier.

this looks like

another poem i wrote

.                                         way back

too much           blubber


not enough       meat

to be considered poetry

sweet 16 diary or

class note confessions.

this writing reads

.                                  (nothing)

like me.

poetry i don’t like,

in the style of that billy collins bastard,

child heralding —

in paltry observations

— nauseous self pity,

[as if i know my self.]

but that’s not the         the point

is it’s 2 a.m.

and my eyes have been milked,

so i will sleep.

drink free.

i really do sleep a lot these days.




2 thoughts on “I Really Do Sleep A Lot These Days

  1. This rocks.

    Posted by Anna McBee | June 29, 2012, 3:22 am
  2. thank ya much.

    Posted by Griffin | June 29, 2012, 7:40 am

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