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Camp Pink

The first thing you should know about Camp Pink is that it is not a camp. The second thing you should know is that it exists. A strange place, your home town. You inhabit it for 20 so years, following the main road north to south, a byway from town to town, without ever properly … Continue reading

I Really Do Sleep A Lot These Days

12:30 and i thought about you, tears bleeding into the t-shirt fabric, desperate to dress the wound; undress you                             me .           be(d)side tears dribble onto the pillow, warm as urine. i haven’t wet the bed in… … Continue reading

Hangin’ Out At The Hangout

  Want to hang out for a little bit? Nah, I just mean be in each other’s presence. Goddammit, what’s a phrase that’s synonymous with “hang out”? Do something. Wasn’t talking about the festival. Yeah we can do that too. It is a place where things are done, after all. Want to hang out and … Continue reading

“Not In Nottingham” from Disney’s Robin Hood

  Every town has its ups and downs. Sometimes ups outnumber the downs. Not in Nottingham. I’m inclined to believe if we weren’t so down (damned) We’d up and leave, we’d up and fly if we had wings for flying. Can’t you see the tears we’re crying? Can’t there be some happiness for me? Not … Continue reading

A Glimpse Inside Restaurant Life

Eureka – spelled like the vacuum cleaner and the magician’s exclamation – is the portly, short-and-stout (cadence wise, think “surf-n’-turf”) African American woman who dresses food in the Red Lobster kitchen after it has been cooked by the microwaves chefs. I imagine her as a Thanksgiving turkey filled to the brim with cornbread stuffing, each crouton … Continue reading

Old Leaf