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Metastasize Me

Remember when that pasty guy with the beard ate McDonald’s french fries for a month and attained erectile dysfunction and also heart disease in the process? Remember how he filmed it because he was trying to stick it to those corporate, processed food ass holes (with mild encouragement from his homely vegan girlfriend)? I inconsequentially … Continue reading

The Internet Might Be An Extension Of Collective Human Consciousness

*  I deactivated my Facebook account last week. I found that I’d lost a portion of the narcissism required to truly enjoy The Social Network. It (the narcissism) detached itself as quicksilver from my gilded, idealistic mind and slithered behind a mirror, waiting to be rediscovered in a moment of self-reflection. That mirror might be … Continue reading

Is It Just Me?

Do you ever feel like — when you’re driving late at night with the correct amount of whiskey glaze on your eyeballs and a waltz dancing itself over your car stereo speakers — you’re driving on a street that is a footstep of a component of a series of complex roads and byways, like a … Continue reading

T.R.E.A.T.S. #12 – Faulty Lines

  Some walk away and never look back Like movie stars they learn how to act Live on a set, then burn it to ash. Fade it to black.   The Solo cup in my left hand shakes As you arrive at your party late. I smile and plan a humorous “hey.” This plan will … Continue reading

T.R.E.A.T.S. # 11 – “Bored Believers”

Get high at five. That was the rule. Strange for a couple of youth group misfits with no rules. The Ten Commandments were nothing more than some dude’s barking dogs to keep his sheep in a manageable herd. Even those got broken. Rules are always some lines that somebody wrote to make somebody else march … Continue reading

Not To Be

silence is the gold you see on your eyelids’ backside, defiantly, closed like curtains with a spotlight’s sheen. take a bow for indolence behind the scenes, forget to rise and remain slumped — not to dream — but to concede, sleep-per-chance ratio being nothing, nothing.   a faded black, your destiny, like shade beneath a … Continue reading