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Quicksong – “Untitled”

I was supposed to write this song in a day. That timeframe became kind of equivocal due to stomach viruses and 3 hour graduate school classes.


Do you wake up feeling horny and grey,

Like your body’s been seized by the day?

It pulls you to the mirrors and the doors,

But you can’t pass through either anymore.

In those books did you throw life away?


Have those lamps made your brain warm and bright

In their clockwise ticks of scholarly light?

Well children scrape their elbows outdoors

And learn through their experiences more.

Now you can’t even look the sun in the eye.


Well you’ve botched your chances to belong

At a club or childhood home,

Where weeds — like you — are overgrown,

Tainting landscapes.



Wait! I’m a man of fortune

Safely locked in a vaulted

Space, sculpted like a bust that’s heavy as lead.



Wait! This toil has a compensation,

For those in penance

Take pistols to the temple — arms for the poor.


Who’d you bribe to get that smile on your face?

Was it Sanity or adulterous Grace…



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