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will do karen i said as a response not a promise or epithet this time last time hardy boy was the promise & epithet for me to hang colossal hopes around thin necks that looked cheap good buy i said of course she thought i ordered her to just get lost i did you first … Continue reading

T.R.E.A.T.S. #8 – October Chill

  Outside my window’s blinded square glass, Striated sunsets painted the grass. As I walked into autumn’s gold hue, Leaves gave the ground a kaleidoscope view. And as branches emptied I knew You didn’t love me anymore.   The air breathes an early October chill, Currents forbidding my limbs to feel. In theme with the … Continue reading

A Room Of One’s Own

There must be a reason that TV screens are shaped horizontally and window frames are shaped vertically. Both sit like opposing metaphysical forces in my upstairs guest bedroom, portholes to the two worlds that have been provided for me. One the escapist world of digital neighbors behaving covetously, all cartoonized, faces constantly changing size to … Continue reading

T.R.E.A.T.S. #7 – The Ballad of A. John Joly

*Consider this the equivalent of that copyright page in novels that states all names, likenesses, etc. are a work of fiction. The song isn’t about an actual person. It’s all invented. I just liked the cadence of a real person’s name.* (There was a young man named John For whom laughter was just a con. He … Continue reading