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T.R.E.A.T.S. #6 – Fauxlosophy (An Ode To Blackface Comics…& Girls)

  Paint a mask of pigments on your canvassed face in layered coats, But don’t forget that there are gaping holes through which your eyes still show. O, those glassy-paneled portholes to the soul. You know, the mirror recollects one of its own. An opaque face is tough to shake once you know A shadow … Continue reading

Excerpt From A Traditional Short Story

  CHESTER Wilson prefers that you call him “Chet”. He really does. This singular, modest preference is even clarified on his business card from the office of Dr. Rex Smiley & Assoc. of Modesto, California. “Chester Wilson” is printed in italics at the top of the card, his position as Teeth Whitening Consultant printed in … Continue reading