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To Josh Ritter Or Whoever

I saw God on Friday. Vested, bowing, plucking notes from a guitar as if they were petals from a rose. Gentle often and violent when necessary. He smiled. He sang songs about wolves and then genuflected on stage to howl at the spotlight. A chorus of howls echoed like reverb from the darkness. He smiled. … Continue reading

T.R.E.A.T.S. #5 – Alternate Reality

Saw you sittin’ windblown, ears budding headphones, Sealed like flowers in your vase. As you yanked tunes by their roots What did my voice say? Life appears sequential, so real potential Always seems to show up late. But memories held in the future Shouldn’t have to wait. (Of us I guarantee that while living these … Continue reading


  CHANGES IN PERSONAL HABITS SINCE RECEIVING A HAIRCUT:   Time spent staring at self in all vaguely reflective surfaces: Decreased by 30% Extreme dread of wind and mild disdain for cool breezes: Decreased by 95% Duration of showers: Decreased by 16% General circumference of shampoo dollop in palm during shower: Decreased by 42% Use … Continue reading