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I’m going to start posting song lyrics along with the songs I upload on here, because…well…they’re a part of the song that I’ve placed some decent effort into, and they aren’t always decipherable in my mumbly singing voice.

I forgot to add them for the previous song, “Ophelia’s Gone To Waste,” so I’ll just tack them on here and include them in all song posts in the future.


As Ophelia sings in loosened verse

Her voice splits along the sanity line.

Words were never formed for use in her

Melody of screams and chorus of cries.


Ophelia’s gone to waste,

It’s not inside, it’s not outside — 

The chaos can’t be placed.

A helpless child whose eyes run wild

But don’t see.


No reflection at the water’s edge,

Just indifferent currents following lines.

Ophelia sinks into the riverbed, 

Water blankets, sleep, and myriad night. 


Suicidal days,

Ophelia shines in failing light,

No longer must she wait.

She’s next in line to be crowned by time

As death’s queen.


Flowers rest above Ophelia’s head,

Only to be crushed in funeral fights.

Roots still grow below the fatal tread,

Fight through dirt, and in her hair they entwine.


Ophelia has escaped,

A liquid life solidified is just a change of state.

She can’t have died if no one cried

But the priest.



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