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Flannel Football

I was talking to someone earlier *cough* whomayormaynothavebeenpaidbymyparentstotalktome *cough* about moments and people who inhabit them, which inevitably led to thoughts and conversation about sports. I’m going to attempt to circumvent cliches about athletes thriving in the moment while aiming at a similar target, and if I happen to stumble on one of those cliches … Continue reading


I’m going to start posting song lyrics along with the songs I upload on here, because…well…they’re a part of the song that I’ve placed some decent effort into, and they aren’t always decipherable in my mumbly singing voice. I forgot to add them for the previous song, “Ophelia’s Gone To Waste,” so I’ll just tack … Continue reading

T.R.E.A.T.S. #4 – Ophelia’s Gone To Waste


Midnight: 3 Beers In On A Daegu Rooftop

If you focus on the moon when it’s full and surrounded by soiled clouds at night, and I mean become really fixated, it looks like the single, illuminated overhead speck that patients see coming out of comas, the surgeon’s headlamp that makes eye contact way before a patient discerns the doc’s dull pupils. And no … Continue reading